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Hey! I’m Panda…

Mom and I are on a Journey and we would like for you to join us on our adventure. On this Journey I lead the way while my momma bear guides me. In the year of 2017, together we will be traveling by foot 1,000 miles – that’s a lot of miles for my tiny one and a half year old feet – and we are doing it all with love for momma’s just like you! To help inspire moms world wide to become more human, finding strength within your journey and using that strength to guide little panda’s, like myself! We want to shake social norms that moms every where feel they HAVE to live up to. We hope to give you the light that guides you on a path towards a motherhood the defines beauty, confidence and courage in its own unique and bold way. Moms are amazing and who doesn’t love a cute panda like me! —Panda

Miles out of 1000 left with panda